Welcome To Career Shapers

On 14th April 2008 “CAREER SHAPERS” the new hope of educational excellence evolved in the “Oxford of the east” (Allahabad). CS was conceptualized to provide goal oriented coaching in a systematic, energetic and positive environment to tackle the challenging fields of engineering and medical. Our name itself give the glimpses of our A3 strategy i.e. Aim high Act continuously Achieve your goal, to shape the student’s career in their respective goals [IIT-JEE/AIEEE/PMT]

● We believe there is nothing like the word ‘dreams’ but, ‘thoughts!’

If you can thought of ‘your field in your brain’ then ‘you are definitely going to hold it in reality’. 

Hence , our aim is to turn the ‘thoughts’ of our students into realities.

*In just ‘7’ years since inception, CS has grown beyond expectations and proven itself in volume and quality of results. The considerable growth in the enrollment of students and their successful admissions to the prestigious institutes like IIT’s/NIT’s has proved to be the benchmark for CS.

After becoming the fastest growing educational institutions in the north India and giving remarkable results came the new high for CS as in 2010 we launched UP’s only GATE/IES/PSUs training platform in the Institute.

This year with all your support we are privileged to announce that we are launching our 1st DLP (distance learning program) and test series for IIT(JEE-ADV.)/AIEEE(JEE-MAIN)/PMT .


To provide the country with unmatched engineering and medical excellence consistently. And by 2015 become the premier educational HUB of the country!


To cultivate the fresh and innovative young brains into the most fruitful engineering and medical talents of the country.

Our Values

We just don’t let the students study, we make them learn! As an educational group and as an individual’s we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal, excellence and constructive self criticism. 

But, above all we value committed passion for quality education! 

We believe in innovative conceptualized teaching methodology. Through which the spark of gaining knowledge and thus learning in the students lightens up. And that very lightening paves the way of success to them in the entrances.

Dear students and Parents,

A warm welcome to CS!

To start with I would like to congratulate you for your decision of choosing CS which might prove as one of the most remarkable step in your life in near future.

By choosing CS you have completed the first and most important step to achieve success that is to think about what you want and start.

Sometimes a student can achieve the success by hard work and self motivation. But , still if you are guided by some mentor the path to success becomes a real icing on the cake. It can be summed up as a good student along with a good teacher becomes a guaranteed recipe of success. 

Here comes the role of CS, by choosing us you have simplified your job. As from here onwards half the responsibility of your success is now on our shoulders i.e. to guide you through the tortuous path of the entrances and provide you with success strategies. Only the second half is to be done by you i.e. to follow our instructions seriously and consistently.

As far as our part is concerned, all we can promise is that we will take care of your career to the newest height and take it as seriously and importantly as you do.

In the race to success more often the fruits of success are not taste by the stronger, faster or brighter one but, sooner or later by those who are with the never say die attitude.

Here at CS we always teach students exactly that i.e. to focus on hanging around but not to quit. As “Winners never quits and quitters never wins”. This way we provide the healthy environment in the institution to students to explore their world of possibilities. Be positive and go for it! 

As, You know! You can! You will!

Since our existence in the year 2008, we have proven one of very old statement wrong “Slow and steady wins the race” instead we say “Even the faster one can win , they just need to have some strategy and spirit of wining!” 

Here at CS we provide you with such strategies and spirit. 

Wish you a bright and a fruitful career ahead!